Comfort and perfect positioning
X-VS E is available in two sizes, both of which have a thin profile to maximise patient comfort at all times. The profile also ensures easy positioning by the user and optimal framing of the area of interest. Improved sensitivity and special filters in the software ensure high-definition images. Together with the sensor, Castellini supplies alignment devices for every type of dental examination. Images are extremely sharp, even at low doses. Thanks to the internal CMOS sensor (with 20 μm pixels) and the CsI (Cesium Iodide) scintillator – which ensure greater sensitivity to the X-ray beam – users can display details that would otherwise be imperceptible. X-VS E therefore ensures both patient safety and optimal imaging yields for clinical purposes. The iCapture acquisition software and iRYS image management software complete the workflow by allowing enhancement, analysis, display and sharing of the X-ray images obtained during the examination.

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    X-VS E reduces patient unease and simplifies user workflows as it’s just 4.5 mm thick, has rounded corners, smooth edges and a flexible cable.

    Extensive active area

    Both sensor sizes have an extensive sensitive surface area for enhanced imaging of the anatomical area of interest.


    The 3-metre cable provides outstanding flexibility of movement during the examination and a direct connection with the PC, without any need for an additional control box.


    iES filter sets can be applied to X-VS E sensors to provide dentists with different viewpoints of the same anatomical region and identify the best way to display the various diagnostic elements.


    X-VS E also integrates MultiLEVEL technology. This applies pro prietary iES algorithms to generate a set of (up to 5) images, each of which emphasises a different anatomical detail by modulating sharpness and contrast.