Multilevel Digital Imaging

Castellini presents a stylish, practical solution that combines digital technology with the ergonomics of film. The X-PSP scanner allows for accurate diagnosis via images that are obtained comfortably, practically and simply. Conveniently incorporated into the device, the removable drawer lets the dentist store the plates and carry them from one surgery to another.

Advanced Functions, Optimized Images.

The MultiLEVEL function simultaneously provides the physician with five images. Each one is enhanced by iES algorithms that apply different filters to highlight anatomical details in a specific way. This lets the dentist further refine the diagnosis.

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    Thanks to the Multi-Room function, which can be used from the X-PSP scanner, dentists can manage the remote scanning system via a SERVER connection. The reservation is made from the workstation alongside the patient. A series of images is automatically saved in the the patient records selected by the surgery in question. The images will be displayed immediately on the PC next to the patient. Thanks to this function, the procedure takes less time and improves work flow.

    Immediate Display

    After acquisition, the image becomes available on a PC or portable device in just a few seconds, offering the same immediacy as an X-ray acquired with a digital X-ray sensor. This shortens the session time and makes doctor-patient communication easier.