Total maintenance
Thalya PLUS is designed to automate rotary instrument maintenance. An all-in-one cycle includes cleaning, disinfection, lubrication, purge and drying.
The complete Thalya PLUS cycle consists of 6 stages:

  • Duct purge
  • Internal cleaning
  • Internal and external disinfection
  • Lubrication
  • Excess oil purge
  • Drying

The 4 instruments are treated simultaneously and the entire cycle lasts about 12 minutes.

Using the specific adapter, micromotor handpieces can be placed in rotation during treatment so the detergent, disinfectant and lubricant reach every corner of the instrument.

Cleaning the spindle. Thanks to a special support, the spindle can also be treated; this ensures all dust and dirt residues are removed from the handpiece tip.

Cycle traceability. Thanks to the USB port at the rear of the machine, users can download machine cycle reports. An indispensable tool for correct reconditioning process traceability.

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