With AREA, dentists will find a renewed passion for dentistry, new spaces, new potential and a first-class tool that allows for fluid, precise, effective workflows. Alongside the outstanding ergonomics, users can integrate all the Castellini-provided technological solutions as desired to meet their specific clinical needs. Effectiveness-enhancing convenience.

Multiple customised set-ups

NFC technology makes it possible to access the dental unit – which is equipped with an integrated system – and save personalised preferences and settings. With up to 20 memory slots available, this is ideal for multi-user practices. This option involves using a bracelet that instantly connects to the dental unit where the dentist’s preferences (chair position, interface, light settings, cuspidor bowl and cup preferences, as well as the operating parameters of integrated instruments) were previously saved.

Full Touch interface

The Full Touch console with 7” multitouch display ensures user- friendly control of dental unit functions. What’s more, dentists can adjust instrument operating parameters by setting their own preferences and can control/monitor hygiene devices. The integrated software manages endodontic, implantology and conservative functions. Users can also display images, X-rays and video tutorials.

Voice controls

Dentists have numerous voice-controlled functions at their disposal. This speeds up workflows and improves hygiene by letting dentists bypass physical contact with the control panel and the integrated accessories. The different instrument modes are voice-activated. It’s also possible to control the operating light and the patient chair, by selecting one of the saved positions. Users can also start the timer when performing clinical procedures such as impression- taking.

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